About us

Cyberstar is a boutique cybersecurity consultancy for maritime and logistics companies, created as a subsidiary of ZIM (NYSE:ZIM) and in partnership with Konfidas – a leading cybersecurity outfit.

Cyberstar’s mission is to extend the circle of maritime and logistics cybersecurity. Our experts guide all teams in maritime shipping and logistics organizations – empowering/enabling them to do their part in ensuring cyber resilience.

The Team

Cyberstar is led by Ronen Meroz as CEO, Ram Levi and Eli Zilberman Caspi.

Ronen Meroz


An experienced ZIM senior manager with extensive knowledge of the maritime industry.

Ram Levi

Co Founder & Director

An international cybersecurity expert, public speaker and advisor to global organizations on cybersecurity, and a former secretary of the Prime Minister of Israel’s National Cyber Initiative Task Force.

Eli Zilberman Caspi

Co Founder & Director

Co-Founder and COO of Konfidas and an expert on business continuity readiness for cyber-attacks and cyber incident response management.

“I’m a shipping and logistics industry veteran, and a seasoned operations manager. I bring to Cyberstar my extensive experience in leading complex business processes, implementing organizational and strategic changes, and improving processes and performance.

Management teams that fail to own cybersecurity and leave it to the‭ ‬“tech people”‭ ‬are doing so at their own peril‭.‬“



When dealing with cybersecurity, building trust is fundamental for effective relationship


We champion planning, preparation, practice and preemptive measures


The best time to improve your cyber resiliency was yesterday. The second best time is today. Let’s start.


Cybersecurity is a comprehensive business challenge, not an IT problem